Your roof need to be able to handle harsh weather. Without proper maintenance, your roof will deteriorate, leading to leaks, mold, ponding water, or the need for total replacement. The longer you let the damage go, the further it spreads.
So, how do you extend the life of your commercial roof?

CLEAN ITYour roof will accumulate leaves, dirt, and other debris that will hold moisture, leading to mold or deteriorated membrane. This can happen near the drains, in the gutters, or on flat sections. With all this buildup, water cannot drain properly, so you are more prone to leaking or flooding.


A commercial roofing system should be inspected bi-annually, Fall and Spring, so your building is ready for the heat or the cold. This includes the roof, the interior of the building, and any walls. Trusting experts to do so will ensure your business is taken care of properly, and nothing crucial is overlooked. This will save you a headache, and a considerable amount of time and money by preventing major concerns.


Our Preventative Maintenance Plan (PMP) is designed to manage and prolong your roofing system. We will schedule annual, bi-annual, or quarterly visits to your facility to:

  • Inspect and clean drains, overflow, gutters, grates, and scuppers
  • Remove accumulated debris
  • Inspect penetrations, seams, and flashings
  • Inspect entire roof area for damage
  • Complete repairs as needed

You will receive documentation of the roof condition, as well as work completed.


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