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Our 8-point Commercial Roof Inspection targets all points of entry for water and moisture, as well as identifying potential concerns. We send our clients a detailed photo roof report, composed by an in-house technical coordinator, along with his recommendations for remediation if needed.

WNC Roofing is a fully licensed, insured, and bond-able Commercial Roofing Contractor in North Carolina and South Carolina. We install all products per manufacturer specifications. Commercial Roof Inspections are conducted with a detailed accompanying roof report for your knowledge and records. Our Commercial Roofing experts have the latest training, technology, and products to complete our 8-Point Roof Inspection to ensure that nothing is missed and your concerns are addressed.

commercial roof inspection

8-Point Roof Inspection

  1. Inspect the entire roof area for damage that may have resulted from foreign objects or human activity (i.e., HVAC unit maintenance).
  2. Inspect for debris that may have accumulated on the roof surface so it does not restrict drainage or cause roof membrane damage.
  3. Inspect all roof drains, overflow drains, grates and scupper drains for a free flow of rainwater and snow melt.
  4. Inspect all welds at membrane field seams, roof curbs and roof penetrations. Verify that no voids have developed at the weld points.
  5. Inspect all sheet metal flashings and counter flashings at copings, gutters collector boxes and downspouts to verify they are firmly attached and sealed.
  6. Inspect and verify that the roof access scuttle, ladder and locking mechanism are operational and that all flashings are in place and secure.
  7. Verify that all HVAC unit access doors and covers are installed and secured.
  8. Submit a written report to the building owner with photos showing current roof condition, evidence of any roof abuse, and any issues that could lead to future roof problems.

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WNC Roofing Guarantee:

Our professional team can provide the best solution and customer service you need to feel secure about your commercial or industrial roofing project. Our tangible 12-Month Warranty on Craftsmanship and up to 20-year warranty on materials will exceed your expectations.