EPDM Roof Replacement Metal Industries – Marion NC

EPDM Roof Replacement Metal Industries – Marion NC


EPDM Commercial Roof Replacement

Metal Industries worked with WNC Roofing to solve the multiple leaks they were experiencing at their manufacturing facility in Marion NC. After a comprehensive roof survey of their current BUR roof system, the solution we proposed included the removal of the BUR, then mechanically attach a 1/2″ EPS cover board, foil side up to enhance thermal protection, and then sealed with a 60 mil EPDM membrane by Carlisle Syntec Systems.

Additionally, we extended all roof pipes 8″ above the deck as required by code, flashed all roof penetrations and wall to roof transitions with EPDM and installed all new retrofit roof drains. Metal Industries can now have confidence in the integrity of their new roofing system which comes complete with a 20 year watertight warranty and 2 year warranty on workmanship.

BUR ponding water
Ponding on previous Built Up roof
EPS Coverboard
Installation of EPS coverboard.
Metal Industries EPDM Roof
Completed EPDM Roof section

Why to choose an EPDM membrane over TPO membrane?

When replacing older BUR roofing systems with a more modern and durable membrane systems, the option of EPDM vs TPO come into play.  As with many flat commercial flat roof systems where water drainage can be a challenge, a black EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) membrane will enhance the evaporation of any ponding water.

Additionally, standing water leaves behind silt spots after the water evaporate which can dramatically increase the temperatures in these areas. A white TPO membrane will eventually deteriorate from these high temperatures. When using a TPO membrane, tapered insulation can be installed under the membrane to direct the water towards the roof’s drainage systems. On large roofs, tapered insulation can dramatically increase the overall price. An EPDM membrane can withstand drastic temperature changes that may be caused by silt buildup, eliminating the need for tapered insulation.

An EPDM membrane is also a more efficient roofing system to retain heat in cooler climates. The temperatures found in the mountains of western NC is more suited for EPDM over a TPO membrane based on the building climate zones as created and outlined by the US Department of Energy. Although TPO has become a more popular commercial roof membrane in recent years, the energy benefits of EPDM over TPO in this region will outperform over time. Also check out our post on the Benefits and Concerns of TPO where we also talk about when EPDM is a better choice.

We appreciate the opportunity to have worked with Metal Industries to help protect their manufacturing facility and provide them with a 20-year watertight roof system.

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