Rudy’s Furniture

Rudy’s Furniture

We performed a roof Coating in Asheville, NC for Rudy’s Furniture.

This replacement was a Gaco S4200 High Solids Elastomeric Coating and Primer over a Grandulated BUR Modifed Bituman roof. 

Before applying the coating, the roof was cleaned and prepped. Next, a red primer was applied. The red primer helps ensure full coverage of the primer and of the white coating. The tint makes it easy to see any areas where the primer or coating is not applied or is to thin. Next, the coating was applied around the penetrations. Then, the rest of the roof was coated and inspected to make sure none of the tinted primer could be seen. 

Commercial roof coating is a very good option in the right situation. Reach out if you are interested in speaking with us about coating as an option for your roof. Contact Us. 

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Complete Commercial Coating Process
Modified Bitumen getting prepped for a new roof coating
Before Coating was Applied
Gaco red primer for commercial roof coating
Red Primer Applied and Ready to be Coated
Flat Commercial Roof primed and coated before and After
Fully Coated and Ready for Years of Service