Cold Applied SBS Roof Replacement, Taylors Elementary School

Cold Applied SBS Roof Replacement, Taylors Elementary School

WNC Roofing was honored to be awarded a the replacement project for Taylors Elementary School in Taylors, SC. This project consisted of  utilizing a cold applied SBS modified roof system, adding to our long list of educational reroof projects throughout the Upstate and Western NC. 

Our team removed the existing roof of approximately 65,000 square feet of existing closed-cell spray-applied roof system down to the metal deck.  All existing membrane flashing, metal flashing, metal coping, gutters, scuppers, downspouts, conductors, and other associated metals were removed.

Utilizing  Firestone Building Products SBS cold applied system  we installed 2 layers of 2.0″ polyiso insulation along with a tapered system to provide ideal drainage. Although we were challenged by four tropical storms during this project, we are pleased to have received an excellent inspection rating by the Firestone team. The faculty and staff at Taylors Elementary now enjoy the peace of mind of having a 20-year water-tight roofing system. 

roofing foam removal


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