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When the job needs to get done.. Rolling two crews deep! Thanks to Ken Wilson Ford. Thank you for trusting us with your commercial roofing needs!  Safe Smart Professional. – WNC Roofing
Back at it! Fully adhered Carlisle SynTec Systems 60-Mil PVC Membrane.  Thank you for trusting us with your commercial roofing needs!  Safe Smart Professional. – WNC Roofing
This right here, is why we do what we do. Give us a call, our goal is to determine what is best for YOUR needs. Thank you for trusting us with your commercial roofing needs!  Safe Smart Professional. – WNC Roofing
Installing a new PVC Roofing Membrane on a South Carolina school! We’ve got your commercial roofing needs covered with the first day right around the corner! Safe Smart Professional. – WNC Roofing
COMING SOON! Check out our new sign for our new location. WNC Roofing will be relocating from our current office in Arden, to Fletcher, North Carolina later this year. Updates to come! Safe Smart Professional. – WNC Roofing
Being on a roof can be twice as hot as being on the ground because roofs absorb direct sunlight, and a hotter roof calls for hotter interior. Like cold, rain, and storms, heat speeds up the breakdown of materials of your commercial roofing system. This creates a longevity issue and a need for Preventative Maintenance […]
Structural metal deck remediation prior to installing a new Commercial PVC Roof System. Clean debris and rust Apply Kem Kromik primer. Safe Smart Professional. – WNC Roofing
Show me the taper! A tapered roofing system is often required for low-slope and flat commercial roofs. This will allow precipitation to flow into the drainage systems, rather than pool on the surface and leak through the roof membrane. By providing moisture control and preventing further damage, this could extend your commercial roof life. Safe […]
Our Preventative Maintenance Plan is designed to prolong your roof life. We schedule annual, bi-annual, or quarterly inspections to:   1. Clean roof drains, gutters, grates, and overflow drains 2. Remove debris, check for damage, and make repairs 3. Inspect roof penetrations, seams, and metal flashings Contact us for more information. Safe Smart Professional. – WNC […]
Since it’s Take Your Dog to Work Day, we tried to put Titan to work and teach him everything we know about commercial roofing. Guess we wore him out a bit. Safe Smart Professional. – WNC Roofing
We’ll keep you dry! Early morning repairs for WNC Roofing before more potential thunderstorms. Check out this Material Drop on Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria in downtown Asheville. We’re ready when you need us. Safe Smart Professional. – WNC Roofing
WNC Roofing will schedule annual, bi-annual, or quarterly visits to your facility for a full maintenance inspection with recommendations. One of the biggest mistakes commercial property owners and facility managers make after building/acquiring a new commercial or industrial structure, is letting maintenance slip. Even a NEW commercial roofing system requires maintenance after installation. Our Preventative […]
June 2-8 celebrated National Roofing Week, highlighting the importance of the roofing industry and using professional contractors. WNC Roofing highlighted commercial signature projects, charitable projects, and how we train our employees. From North Carolina to South Carolina; Thank You for trusting our WNC Roofing team! Safe Smart Professional. – WNC Roofing
In honor of National Roofing Week, Tuesday is Training Day! “Success in business requires training, discipline, and hard work.” We constantly take the opportunities to better our team, improve our knowledge, and keep our commercial roofing skills sharp. We may benefit from training, but the clients benefit more! Safe Smart Professional. – WNC Roofing
Our team started early this morning! Great shot of our commercial project on O. P. Taylor’s in Brevard, North Carolina, installing 60 Mil TPO roof membrane to the “coolest toy store on the planet.” Safe Smart Professional. – WNC Roofing
Why are routine inspections and maintenance a good idea for your commercial roofing needs? To catch what could have been left behind. Our Preventative Maintenance Plan will reduce your concerns and extend roof life – Contact us for more information. Safe Smart Professional. – WNC Roofing
Choosing quality material will reduce your future concerns! Check out a couple of progress pictures of tongue and groove wood decking at the Grey Mill Project in Downtown Hendersonville – Great for a strong, effective, attractive exposed ceiling. Safe Smart Professional. – WNC Roofing
Always a pleasure working with our clients and hearing positive reviews such as this. Thank you for trusting us with your commercial roofing needs! Safe Smart Professional. – WNC Roofing
Spring is here, but you still need to protect your roof from the elements. Why do we suggest 60-mil membrane in commercial roofing? Here’s why! Safe Smart Professional. – WNC Roofing
Check out the new copper rake metal on the Historic Jackson Building in Downtown Asheville! Safe Smart Professional. – WNC Roofing
Men at work on the Grey Mill commercial roofing project in Downtown Hendersonville! Safe Smart Professional – WNC Roofing
Small Commercial Reroof
Not all commercial roofs are box store size… and that’s okay with us!! Why not call your local commercial roofing contractor for your local business? Safe Smart Professional – WNC Roofing
Commercial Roofing Trucks | WNC Roofing
A few of the commercial roofing fleet this early Carolina morning for our weekly Toolbox Talk. Thank you to Ken Wilson Ford Canton for their continued partnership!! Safe Smart Professional – WNC Roofing
Grey Mill Wood Deck Replacement
6,353 sq/ft of Structural Wood deck replacement and counting before a new Carlisle TPO roof system on this old mill. Safe Smart Professional