Commercial Roof Replacement

"Always do more than is required of you."
- George S. Patton


When it's time for a Commercial Roof Replacement, you have many choices.
If you receive proposals from three different sources, you will receive three different systems to choose from.
The lowest number is not always the best choice for your building...


WNC Roofing inspects your roof with our manufacturer to provide you a free specification, which you can send out for pricing.

This simplifies the re-roofing bidding process, gives you comparable numbers, and offers the BEST solution for your specific needs.

  • A roof core will determine what type of roof system(s) you have
    • If you have two systems, you will need a complete tear off
  • A "roof over" may be an option if you have one roof system that is not wet

WNC Roofing is Manufacturer-Certified for all products we install. We will propose the best system for your building, and negotiate terms to come to a fair agreement.
We will bring your roof up to meet current building and energy codes.

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