Metal Roofing

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Metal Roof Repair and RePLACEMENT

Metal roofing is sturdy and long lasting.

Metal roof failures often come as a result of exposed fasteners failing and creating multiple water penetration points throughout the roof surface. Most modern metal roofs now offer a covered fastener seam lock system which eliminates the chance of fastener failures moving forward. 

Metal roofing panels used today are made from corrugated galvanized steel which is coated with Zinc. Other commercial roof metal applications include aluminum, stainless steel, copper and tin.

Advantages Of Metal for Commercial Roofing  include: 

  • Lifespan. Metal has a long lifespan and can withstand the elements. 
  • Metal comes in a number of colors and offers a nice esthetics for sloped commercial roofing applications.  
  • With most structures, metal provides a relatively quick installation process.
  • Heat conductivity. Metal will reflect the sun rays which in turn will create higher efficiencies when running the HVAC systems for your facility. 
  • Metal is a fire retardant and can help reduce the spread in the event of a fire. 
  • Recyclable
Disadvantages of Metal Roofing:
  • Metal is more expensive compared to other materials used on sloped roofed systems.  

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A Better Option for Metal Roof Replacement

Metal Retro fit systems, also know as a Flute-Fill, offer a much more budget friendly replacement option for metal roofs. Metal roofing systems begin to fail due to expansion and contraction over time that leads to worn out fastener connections. Older metal roofing systems were designed in a way that left the fasteners exposed, and when replaced with a similar metal roof, you will find that exposed fastener systems do not come with a 20-year material warranty. And because of the higher costs of replacement metal, a single ply metal retrofit roofing system can be the most cost effective solution that also provides a 20-year warranty.

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