Commercial Roof

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
– Benjamin Franklin

a clogged and stopped up commercial roof drain

Stress-Free Roof Maintenance

Extend the life of your roof with a Preventative Maintenance Plan. All commercial roofing systems require maintenance even after its initial installation. Just like your vehicle, almost all manufacturer warranties call for a regular maintenance plan to keep the warranty effective and valid.

Harsh weather and aging can create issues that WNC Roofing’s technicians are trained to fix. We work closely with the building owner and facility manager to prevent them.

Our Roof maintenance plans are completed twice per-year, Spring and Fall, to prepare your roof for the upcoming weather each season. We charge you based on your specific roof so smaller restaurants do not pay the same as larger factories. 

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What To Expect

WNC Roofing’s Preventative Maintenance Plan (PMP) is a program designed to manage and prolong the life of your existing roofing system while limiting the need for extensive commercial roof repair and water damage down the road.

We schedule bi-annual visits to your facility to: 

  • Inspect and clean roof drains, overflow drains, gutters, grates and scupper drains
  • Remove debris that accumulated on the roof surface
  • Inspect roof penetrations, seams, and sheet metal flashings
  • Inspect the entire roof area for damage that may have resulted from foreign objects or human activity
  • Complete maintenance repairs as needed

Upon completion, you will receive a report of the roof condition, including before and after images of work completed. 

The bi-annual roof maintenance reduces leak frequency and severity, prevents moisture under the membrane, and keeps your roof’s manufacturer’s warranty, saving you money!

We will provide you with the quotes needed to forecast budgets for further necessary repairs by providing proposals and recommendations for your roofing system.

Make It a Priority

If you are not maintaining your commercial or industrial roofing system, water can invade the building and cause severe, unseen and costly damage.

A preventive maintenance plan not only minimizes leaks, it keeps your roofing insulation dry and intact, increasing the odds that the insulation can be re-used during your next roof installation. This not only reduces the cost of the second installation by 30 to 40 percent, it also keeps the damaged materials out of landfills, resulting in a net positive environmental impact.

At WNC Roofing, we work along side of our clients to ensure a long lasting roof and proactive repairs that will protect your profits, keep your employees safe, and protect your equipment and facilities from water damage.

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