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Fall Leaves that will Fall onto your commercial roof

4 Tips for Fall Commercial Roof Maintenance

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Fall Commercial Roofing Maintenance Tips


Fall is here and it’s getting chilly outside. Maintaining your commercial roof continues to be important, especially as leaves fall and hurricane season peaks. 

Here are 4 Easy Fall Roof Maintenance Tips you should consider to prevent leaks and damage from ruining this colorful season.

#1: Have A Roof Inspection 

Check for cracking of any seals as well as loose or damaged roofing materials. By repairing these early you can avoid leaks and additional water damage caused from heavy hurricane rains.

#2: Check all Drainage Systems  

Make sure that all gutters, downspouts, and drains are cleared from the increased debris of fall leaves. Moving water off your roof is essential to avoid ponding that can damage membranes and drains.

#3: Trim Branches 

Spring and summer have been great for the plants around your facility, but now those limbs allow for large amounts of leaves and twigs to collect on your roof and clog your drains and scuppers. Fall is a great time to trim these branches to limit leaf debris and the risk of branches puncturing your roofs rubber membrane during heavy winds. 

#4: Repairs  

If you put off needed repairs this Summer, then Fall is the time to get them done! The risk of water turning to ice in un-repaired cracks and penetrations increases in the winter. This expansion will make small leaks much worse. Getting all your needed repairs done now helps avoid bigger and costlier issues this winter.

Contact you local commercial roofer to perform your Fall roof maintenance, inspections, and repairs before winter comes to the area. This provides you with the peace of mind that your company’s assets and employees are safe no matter what the weather brings. 


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