AC Reynolds High School

AC Reynolds High School

AC Reynolds, Asheville North Carolina

Project Specifications:

  • Remove 28,000 sqft coverboard and EPDM membrane
  • Install ¼” primed Dens Deck coverboard
  • Install 2.5” PolyISO insulation
  • Install full taper and cricket package
  • Install 28,000 sqft 80 Mil fully adhered Carlisle TPO per manufacture specification
  • Provide a 20-year Manufacturer’s Warranty up to 72 MPH wind


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What is a full taper and cricket package and why is it vital to the integrity of your flat roof?

Tapered insulation is used to create a slight slope on flat roofs to guide water to installed drains.

A cricket is a ridge structure made of tapered insulation and is used to divert water from areas that are prone to standing water, such as curbs for HVAC units, skylights and hatches. These curbs typically receive less sunlight so water will pond after a rainstorm.

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