AMC Theatre

AMC Theatre

AMC Theatre, Asheville North Carolina

Project Specifications:

  • Remove and dispose of existing membrane, edge metal and insulation
  • Shift existing gravel and save for re-use
  • Install 2.6” PolyISO insulation
  • Install new tapered crickets between drains and in front of HVAC units to eliminate ponding water
  • Install 33,700 sqft new Carlisle 60 Mil EPDM roof membrane per manufacture specification
  • Provide a 20-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

AMC Theatre is making some large upgrades to their facilities, including heated recliners and a new roof! Although the new roof will go unnoticed to movie goers, it was a much needed upgrade. 

Standing water is a major issue with large flat roofs. This is especially true in wet climates like Asheville North Carolina where we get an average of 41 inches of rain annually. Water wants to flow downward, so unless you provide it a way to flow off the roof, water will find any cracks, punctures, holes, etc.

The cricket system installed at AMC Theatre is intentionally moving water away from the points of weakness, such as the HVAC penetrations, and towards the intended target, the commercial grade sump drains. The new tapered crickets and 60 Mil EPDM membrane will ensure these high end facilities stay dry for years to come.


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