Glen Raven Custom Fabrics TPO System

Glen Raven Custom Fabrics TPO System

Today, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics is a global company. Founded in 1880 they have expanded well beyond North Carolina. Customers rely on Glen Raven for everything from research and development, dying, spinning, weaving, and finishing, all the way down to distribution and logistics.

WNC Roofing provided a 75,000 SF TPO reroof for their Burnsville, NC location.

For our scope of work, the existing TPO roofing system remained and we slit the existing membrane per manufacturer’s specification.

At WNC Roofing, we install new tapered crickets on the upslope of all curbs and HVAC units to prevent ponding water.

Also, approximately 4,000 SF of insulation was buckling, so we re-secured with 8 fasteners and plates.

We mechanically fastened a new white 60 mil TPO membrane.