Tutco-Farnam | Carlisle Metal Roof Flute Fill System

Tutco-Farnam | Carlisle Metal Roof Flute Fill System

Tutco-Farnam went with a great roofing system that we recommend to many clients. With metal roofs that are leaking, coatings are not always the best option. Instead, a flute-fill system over the top of the metal is a much better choice and it comes with a longer life span for the roof. 

Installing a Carlisle flute fill system will also increase the R-value of the roof, which will save on energy coast. Additionally, the system comes with a 20-year warranty.

Progression Photos

metal roof in need of repair
Metal roof before starting the project.
coverboard over metal flute fill
Install of the coverboard over metal. Flute fill insulation underneath.
tpo metal flute fill
Finished roof with TPO over coverboard.

Overview Details of the Work

WNC Roofing installed new Structodek Coverboard. We mechanically fastened the coverboard over the top of the flute-fill insulation. This insulation is made specifically to fit in between the metal roof’s flutes. This increases to R-value of the roof and also gives the coverboard a level surface to attach to.

We then installed a new Carlisle white 60 mil TPO roof membrane, which was mechanically fastened to the steel purlins per specifications. 

All penetrations were flashed, seams sealed, and perimeters had a White TPO clad drip edge installed that was fully welded with the TPO membrane. 

Check out the final video of the roof below. 

Final Aerial Video