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3 Ways To Minimize Commercial Roof Repair Costs

3 Tips To Help Extend Your Roof’s Life and Reduce Long-term Costs.

Without proper maintenance, your commercial roof will deteriorate, leading to leaks, mold, ponding water, and possibly even the need for a total replacement. The longer any roof damage goes unaddressed, the further it can spread creating larger expenses down the road. With a little planning you can save yourself big expense in the long-run.


Your roof accumulates leaves, dirt, and other debris that will hold moisture, leading to mold or deteriorated membrane. This can happen near the drains, in the gutters, or on flat sections. With all this buildup, water cannot drain properly, so you are more prone to leaking or flooding.


A commercial roof should be inspected bi-annually. A complete inspection should include a evaluation of the roof itself, the gutter system, the interior of the building, and any walls that may provide structural integrity. A professional inspection should come complete with a comprehensive inspection report outlining the status of key areas of potential concern.


Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance can be the best way to identify any roofing issues or potential roofing issues before they become major expenses. Consider scheduling an annual, bi-annual, or quarterly maintenance schedule so no issues or unexpected expenses arise. A complete preventative commercial roof maintenance schedule should include:

  • Inspect and clean drains, overflow, gutters, grates, and scuppers
  • Remove accumulated debris
  • Inspect penetrations, seams, and flashings
  • Inspect entire roof area for damage
  • Complete any repairs as needed

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These three simple areas, you’ll extend the life of your commercial roof and minimize costly expenses in the long run.

WNC Roofing specializes solely in commercial roof repair and replacement for all types of commercial roofing systems including: TPO, Metal, EPDM, Shingle and PVC. We provide safe, smart and professional advice and service when it comes to protecting your business’s assets and extending the life of your commercial roof.

WNC Roofing utilizes only the highest quality commercial roofing materials from suppliers such as Carlisle Syntec Systems and install all products per manufacturer specifications.  WNC Roofing is a fully licensed, insured, and bond-able Commercial Roofing Contractor with offices in Asheville, North Carolina and Greenville, South Carolina.

To learn more about how WNC Roofing can help you with all your commercial roofing needs, give us a call at (800) 704-7765 or submit a Roof Inspection request above and our service department will get in touch to schedule a visit.

WNC Roofing Guarantee:

We offer our commercial roofing clients 24 months full warranty on our craftsmanship and our quality vendors offer up to 20 years warranty on their materials.