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Ballasted EPDM Roof

Advantages of Ballasted EPDM

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Advantages of Ballasted EPDM

We recently bid on a very large re-roof where the client was adamant about removing the existing Ballasted EPDM and installing a TPO.

Our Recommendation was a ballast shift with protection mat and EPDM swap, for the ballast was still in good condition (not the ballast shown in the picture).

We made it clear that it would be helpful to do some research on the facility before removing the ballast to be sure the building was not designed with the weight of the ballast as a part of the original engineering.
This roof also was almost flat which is not a wise choice for a TPO.

We lost the project.

After the ballast was removed and TPO installed the roof flexed upward from the removal of the “Dead Load” and all existing drains separated and leaked.


A – Be wise when removing ballast. Especially from a large metal deck. Do your research and consult with an engineer if needed.

B – Ballasted EPDM roofs are amazing performers when installed properly.
In the correct geographical region of course.

The EPDM roof pictured we are getting ready to replace due to the age. 

This ballast is in poor condition and will be replaced.

But check out the date on the material. This photo was taken in 2024!

Thank you for reading and reach out if we can help you with your roofing needs.