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The 2024 Checklist for Your Commercial Roof

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Do These 4 Things To Avoid Big Roof Issues in 2024

The new year is here and now is the time to lay the foundation for your facilities care. It might be a new year but you probably still have the same roof you had in 2023. You count on your roof to provide a safe and dry working environment. However, nothing can set back your 2024 business goals like a failing roof resulting in damaged inventory, property, lost work days, and unplanned repair and replacement expenses. 

The below steps will help ensure that you avoid preventable issues this year.  

  1. Schedule Roof Maintenance and Inspections NOW:  Starting the year off with an inspection and/or maintenance will help catch minor issues early and make sure your roof is ready for harsh winter weather and upcoming spring showers. A good roofing contractor will inspect your roof while doing preventative maintenance and will let you know if additional repairs or replacements will be necessary soon. Larger facilities that have multiple roof sections may need a separate inspection report to fully outline the state of each section and each specific roofs needs. 
  2. Repair Cracks, Leaks, and Delayed Repairs Early In 2024: Any additional repairs found during an inspection or maintenance visit should be completed promptly to avoid bigger and more expensive issues. Your highest priority should go to repairs that were quoted in 2023(or earlier) but due to budget constraints, key decision makers being on vacation, or procrastination were not completed. Those issues that were found last year will not magically disappear. They usually get worst and at best stay the same. Fixing known issues will lay the foundation for a watertight roof this year.
  3. Communicate with Your Roofing Contractor: Speaking with your trusted commercial roofing contractor early in the year will help make sure you both know the issues and goals that need to be accomplished in 2024. Early meetings to make your contractor aware of possible new roof penetrations, roof replacement plans, and other facility upgrades will allow for better and more smooth project coordination in 2024. These meeting will help you get valuable input and insights into the cost and needed logistics to help you make the most of your 2024 facility budget.
  4. Plan and Budget for Larger Repairs and Replacements: No roof last forever. That means planning and budgeting should begin early so the resources are available when it is time to replace. Other larger roof expense will come up too, like gutter or skylight replacements. Being proactive and getting estimates from your roofing contractor can help organizations plan for these expenses ahead of time. Staying ahead of large repairs and replacements helps avoid larger leaks that will damage your roof decking and insulation. Damage to the decking and insulation will drive up the price of your future roof replacement as those items will need to be replaced during the new roofs installation. Not having the resources ready to proactively replace your roof and do larger repairs can cost your business. Leaks that get put up with due to finances eventually turn into impossible to ignore problems that can shut down your business, damage equipment, and ruin inventory.

Need Help?

Your 2024 facility success starts now. Having a trusted commercial roofing contractor on your side will help ensure that your facility and business have a great 2024. Reach out to us or a local roofer in your area early in 2024 to reap the returns of good planning and proactivity. 

Need help knowing what maintenance to do on your roof? Check out our complimentary roof maintenance checklist here. 

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